Tools for teaching online

There are so many tools out there, and it can be hard to know where to start. Here, we will show you some of the most useful tools and explore how they can be used to enhance teaching and learning. We’ll be adding tools weekly, so watch this space.

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Creating and Editing Videos

Using your mobile device for video development and production

Learn More about Creating and Editing Videos


A free, web-based assessment tool for creating assignments and administering them to students, receiving results and providing individualised feedback in real-time (Version is mid-2019)

Learn More about Formative

Google Apps for Education

Free online productivity tools compiled specifically for schools to support and enhance collaborative learning

Learn More about Google Apps for Education


An interactive slideshow tool in which you can present content, involve students, promote collaboration and access reports on student work (Version is mid-2019)

Learn More about Nearpod


A mobile and web-based application that allows students to study information using learning tools and games

Learn More about Quizlet


An online assessment tool that allows teachers and learners to track progress through formative assessments

Learn More about Socrative


A digital learning platform that enables the creation of a portfolio of artefacts and activities to form a learning loop between teachers, students and families

Learn More about Seesaw


A visual, social bookmarking tool that makes it easy to organise your online educational resources

Learn More about Symbaloo


A free tool that allows you to get real-time input from students through the use of live polls, quizzes, word clouds, questions and so on

Learn More about Mentimeter


A photo template and grid editor that allows you to create and decorate photo collages and digital cards

Learn More about PicCollage


An online platform that allows you to quickly create engaging and interactive digital worksheets and share them with your students

Learn More about Wizer

Adobe Spark

An online storytelling platform that allows students and teachers to create digital artefacts such as posters, infographics, storyboards, animated videos with voiceovers and webpages

Learn More about Adobe Spark

Microsoft Teams

An online collaboration platform in which teachers can share content, assign and assess work and conduct online classes

Learn More about Microsoft Teams

The iPad as a Tool for Education

Exploring the iPad and Keynote as powerful tools for teaching and learning

Learn More about The iPad as a Tool for Education


A powerful digital noticeboard — where users can post text, images, videos and links — that facilitates collaborative learning, information gathering, content sharing and reflection before, during and after lessons

Learn More about Padlet


A cloud-based video conferencing tool that can be used to facilitate online meetings and classes

Learn More about Zoom

Google Forms

A collaborative tool for developing and distributing surveys, questionnaires and quizzes

Learn More about Google Forms


A cloud-based presentation tool that can be used for developing visually engaging and interactive resources

Learn More about Prezi


A game-based tool for creating quizzes, surveys and discussions that a class can engage with in real time

Learn More about Kahoot!

Book Creator

A very simple tool for creating digital teaching resources and can include images, audio, video and links to external content

Learn More about Book Creator


An online, interactive assessment tool that allows you to assign, collect and review student work

Learn More about Showbie

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